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A thirty-seven year old that's always open to new opportunities and adventures. I began my photography career with a Mickey Mouse camera my parents gave me at age 4. I'm sure I had a blast. However, I then took a 15 year hiatus to attend school and learn many lessons and critical thinking skills.

After graduating college, I began many long days working in an extremely spacious shared-cubicle. It provided a cozy feel and money every month, but I thought there must be a better way to make a living all whilst loving what you do.


The Mickey Mouse camera! 


Sadly, it had been destroyed many years before. No worries, I bought a new camera & a few lenses, jumped in the deep end and created a passion for capturing people and places in vivid detail.

Thank you for checking out my work! Look forward to working with you, whether it's to capture moments for the walls of your home, upgrade your business marketing or sell some homes.


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Traditional or from the air, photography remains a passion. 

Expansion of the business through the use of drones has been mind blowing. Filming and photographing from new angles is undeniably awesome. I love the ability to bring a bird's eye view to clients. Bonus: They love it too!

Matterport, through 3D Tours and professional floor plans, has made a great addition to the services we offer.

Whether you're a family on an adventure or a business looking to show clients an expansive view from above to advance your website and marketing, I can help make it a reality.


Photographs | Short-story Films | Commercial Advertising

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